Owner Network Meetings

2014 Scheduled Meetings

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Owners Network Meeting’s. You will not want to miss out on some hot topics that will increase your bottom line.  Please send any topic’s you would like us to cover.

– Elk Grove (September 23) – Fairfield Inn & Suites – 8050 Orchard Loop – 916-681-5400

– Redding (September 24) – Holiday Inn – 1900 Hilltop Drive – 530-221-7500

– San Jose (November 4) – Mapple Tree Inn – 711 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale – 408-720-9700

– Shell Beach (August 28 – Cancelled) – TBD

– Visalia (August 26 – Cancelled) – Holiday Inn – 900 West Airport Drive – 559-651-5000

Our guarantee…. we will only discuss topics that will help owners drive to higher profitability and increased facility value.

Meetings will start at 8:30am and end at 12pm. A no-host breakfast will be served. As a courtesy to the hotel, please have the correct change of $15.00 (PER PERSON) available to be collected prior to the start of the meeting. Please call Joe Garvey (805-801-6644) to confirm your seat, since seating will be limited.

Presentation from March 18-19 2014 Owners Network Meeting


Thank you for putting on the meetings. With each meeting, I come back and make changes to my way of business and with each change I increase my bottom line maybe $300/400 a month. So far I have changed my contract, rate of rent increases, the amount of late charges, time between rent increases. Soon to add better internet advertising, insurance for my customers and getting rid of Yellow Pages. So I thank you and my bottom-line thanks you.  Thanks Mike

The SSBC team facilitates Owner Network Meetings with the objective is to discuss operational challenges with your storage facilities. These are intended for facility owners that want to learn about new tools, discuss with each other alternative approaches, and share their experiences (good and bad).  Based upon the interest of the group, topics and speakers are scheduled for future meetings.

Facility Performance

  • How do I know if my facility is performing efficiently?  Is my manager doing all the right things and how would I know.
  • 10 indicators/questions you need to ask your manager
  • Does my manager have all the tools to be successful?
  • Is my manager the right person for the job, if so, How do I keep them, if not, what do I do
  • How do I find another manager?
  • How much should I pay my manager and should I pay a bonus

Marketing Your Facility

  • What do I need to know about Marketing?
  • Pricing vs competition
  • Is it important to talk with my competitors?
  • What is the sweet spot of the market I sell to?
  • Would “YOU” rent from your own facility? 
  • Is dress code important?