Self Storage Management of California

Our SSMC team has grown their skills and expertise in Property Management over the past two years.  We are currently managing over 15 facilities throughout California.  Don’t miss the opportunity for us to help increase your bottom line.

About SSMC
Our  motto is delivering increased cash flows and profitability to self storage property owners while providing industry’s best customer service to self storage customers.

SSMC Property Management excels in steady lead generation and increased occupancy, preserving assets and minimizing and controlling property expenses.

SSMC Property Management specializes in property management of and investment in self storage facilities in CA.

SSMC has been an owner/operator of multiple self storage facilities in the US while also managing our clients’ self storage portfolios for over 10 years. SSMC Property Management also provides receivership services to property investors, commercial property owners and banks in CA.

SSMC Services

Property Management field team oversees the day to day management and operations of our managed properties. While ensuring that the monthly occupancy and revenue goals are met our team also closely monitors each property’s optimized budgets. Proactive property maintenance is done in a timely manner with multiple bids and special attention to minimized expenses.

Audits – Quarterly walk throughs and unannounced property audits done by our regional managers ensure that storage facilities under our management are kept in pristine condition and is maintained to optimum standards. In addition; our marketing team completes competition analysis on a monthly basis to have a proactive pricing strategy.

HR and Payroll –  Choosing the right managers for each property with successful sales and customer service background requires special attention. We search for pre-quaified applicants by advertising, interviewing, online employee personality profile testing and background checks. We provide complete payroll services for all employees with an online time clock system in place for further monitoring.