Self Storage Brokers of California

When a Self Storage Facility closes, it generates immediate cash flow. With today’s tough financial markets it is a buyer’s market at last. If you are creditworthy and have the capital to invest there aresome great opportunities which have immediate 10% plus cap rates and 15% plus cash on cash returns.

If you are tired of negative cash flow on single family homes, low cap rates on apartments with the increasing government regulations to raise city income, then call us to assess your portfolio, and do iterative what’if scenarios.


The self storage industry is an industry of its own. We provide a place to store household goods, files and other items for those who do not have the space of their own. We do not take possession or custody of the items being stored in the unit, placing the liability in the hands of the tenants. These are just a few of the factors that make owning self storage attractive. Other reasons to invest in self storage include (but are not limited to):

  • Generates immediate cash flow
  • Relatively low maintenance costs
  • More simplified management then other real estate
  • Excellent automation tools
  • Many customers-not a few


Self Storage Brokers of California
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